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Maintaining your vision and eye health is easy when you have a Total Vision optometrist keeping track of your care. Your routine eye exams allow your optometrist to keep a watchful eye over any changes or issues that arise, so that you can receive the fastest possible diagnosis. Once the problem is identified, your Total Vision optometrist will develop the best possible treatment plan for you - so you can get back to living your life well.

Vision Problems

One of the most common reasons to visit your eye doctor is ongoing blurred vision. If the blurred vision is new, your Total Vision optometrist will rule out eye diseases and diagnose nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Furnished with a precisely correct prescription, you can continue all normal activities without interruption.

The most common treatments for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are glasses, contact lenses, or Lasik surgery.

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Your local Total Vision has a wide variety of stylish, functional frames for you to choose from. They can also offer lens treatments from anti-reflective to Transitions to best fit into your lifestyle. With the guidance of your Total Vision optometrist and optician, you can find glass you’ll love to wear every day. 

Contact Lenses

The best type of contact lenses for you will depend upon your particular vision problems and your lifestyle. Your local Total Vision eye care center is fully equipped to offer soft, rigid, multifocal, toric, daily disposable, reusable, and fashion color lenses. Your optometrist will ensure you’re fitted with the best lenses for your needs.

Lasik Surgery 

If you are a candidate, lasik surgery can be a highly effective way to regain perfect 20/20 vision. During a Lasik consultation at your Total Vision eye care center, your optometrist will run through a variety of tests and measurements to ensure your potential surgery can be successful. 

Computer Vision Care

If visual problems are exacerbated by computer or digital device use, you may also be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome. Common symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome include neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, blurring vision, dry eyes, and headaches.

When Computer Vision Syndrome is diagnosed, treatments can range from specialized computer glasses or contact lenses, lens treatments, and visual therapies. Your Total Vision optometrist can help you find the correct combination of treatments for your needs.

Eye Diseases

Whether you are experiencing sudden symptoms or managing an ongoing issue, the regular care of your Total Vision optometrist is a powerful tool for maintaining your sight. From macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy to keratoconus or dry eyes to simple conjunctivitis, your Total Vision optometrist will evaluate your condition, diagnose the problem, and help you arrive at the best possible solution.

Available treatments for a variety of eye diseases and conditions range from overall lifestyle adjustments, pharmaceuticals, specialized glasses and contact lenses, laser surgeries, and more. To ensure you are always receiving the latest and best possible care, visit your optometrist at your local Total Vision eye care center.

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The Care You Deserve

Your local Total Vision eye care center is designed and equipped to help you maintain your eye health throughout your life. At every center, you will find trained and capable optometrists and staff who are all focused on retaining and enhancing your sight. We work together as a team so that we can serve you and your family better. With convenient locations in Carmel Valley, Rancho Bernardo, Tierrasanta, Solana Beach, University City, Del Mar, and La Jolla, a supportive and exceptional optometrist is always nearby and ready to help.

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