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Your local Total Vision eye care practice is your full-service destination for all of your contact lens needs. With many Total Vision locations along the west coast, you won't have a problem finding and completing a contact lens exam with your optometrist, ensuring you get the right fit and you have all the information you need to get the most out of your contact lenses.

Your Contact Lens Exam

The most convenient and economical choice for patients is to simply let your local Total Vision eye care practice know that you are interested in contact lenses when you schedule your annual eye exam. That way, your optometrist can perform your contact lens fitting during the normal course of your eye exam. However, these appointments can always be scheduled separately if preferred.

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Your Contact Lens Fitting

During your fitting, your optometrist will take a variety of measurements of your eyes to ensure the comfort and effectiveness of your contact lenses. They will show you how to put in and take out your contact lenses safely, as well as how to care for your lenses to ensure their longevity, as well as your safety and comfort. 

Your optometrist may recommend different types of contact lenses depending upon your particular vision problems, your lifestyle, your age, your preferences - even your eye shape. With so many choices, the guidance of your Total Vision optometrist can help you understand which contact lenses are truly right for you.

Contact Lens Types Offered at Total Vision Include:


Soft contact lenses are made of flexible plastic that allows oxygen to permeate through to the cornea. For many patients, they are the most comfortable option for daily wear, which is a major factor in their popularity.

Total Vision eye care practices offer soft contacts of both the daily disposable and the reusable type. If you only plan to wear contact lenses on weekends, special occasions, or during sporting events, disposable contacts can be an excellent option. Many patients who wear contacts daily appreciate the longevity of reusable contact lenses in combination with the comfort soft contact lenses provide. If you don’t feel confident that you can reliably keep up a diligent care and cleaning regimen, disposable contact lenses may be an easier choice for you. 


Also called “Rigid Gas Permeable” RGP or “Gas Permeable” GP contact lenses, rigid contact lenses also allow for oxygen to permeate the lens into the cornea for comfort and can be more durable than soft contact lenses. Not to be confused with the “hard” contact lenses of yesteryear, which were notoriously uncomfortable and expensive, rigid contact lenses are an excellent option for daily wear. Rigid lenses will require a short adaptation period before they feel comfortable and natural on your eyes, but can produce sharper vision than soft contact lenses in some patients. In particular, rigid contact lenses can be a life-changing choice for patients with astigmatism and other specific visual impairments.


Multifocal contact lenses can be either rigid or soft, but they differ from other contact lenses in that they include two or more prescriptions. The patient learns to look through certain areas of the lens for focusing on the far, mid, or intermediate range of vision. For those who have been tied to bifocal glasses for some time, multifocal contact lenses can deliver a sense of ease and freedom in their day to day lives.

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Toric lenses are differently shaped than the spherical surface of most contact lenses. Patients who suffer from astigmatism due to the curvature of the cornea or lens of the eye may find standard contact lenses ineffective, ill-fitting, and uncomfortable. Toric contact lenses can fit these non-standard shapes to provide excellent vision and comfort. 

Fashion Color Lenses

Fashion color lenses can change the color of the eyes with or without a prescription. If you’ve always wondered what you might look like with a different eye color, fashion color lenses are a fun and safe way to achieve just that.Fashion color lenses

Fashion color lenses can change the color of the eyes with or without a prescription. If you’ve always wondered what you might look like with a different eye color, fashion color lenses are a fun and safe way to achieve just that.

Visit your local Total Vision eye care practice to learn the latest about the best contact lenses for your vision and lifestyle.

See the world without a pair of frames in the way!

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