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A Lifetime of Eye Health at Rancho Bernardo

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Maintaining your best possible vision and ocular health is the highest priority of the entire team at Total Vision. With a commitment to offering the latest technologies and most comprehensive eye care, your local Total Vision eye doctor is your partner in lifetime eye health.

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Eye Exams

Your annual eye exam allows your eye doctor to manage your eye care over the long term, identifying visual problems and potential eye diseases as soon as possible. As your needs change with a growing family and aging, your eye doctor can ensure you receive the best possible eye care for your unique needs.

Eye Exams


The right prescription is only the beginning: your Total Vision Care optometrist and optician will help you find a pair of glasses that will help you look your best while also fitting comfortably into your lifestyle. From designer frames to a variety of lens types and treatments, our team will make sure you find the perfect fit.


Contact Lenses

From your capable contact lens fitting to easy reordering, Total Vision in Rancho Bernardo is your esteemed source for contact lenses. We offer soft, rigid, toric, multifocal, and even fashion color lenses. Whether you prefer disposable lenses or long-wearing contacts, your optometrist will help match you with the right contact lenses for you.

Contact Lenses

Lasik Consultation

Lasik eye surgery is the most popular laser eye surgery available, with impressive success rates and low occurrence of side effects. But is it right for you? At your Total Vision Lasik consultation you will get all your questions answered by your experienced Total Vision Care eye doctor.

Lasik Consultation

Vision Problems

Your Total Vision optometrist is committed to your eye health through the years, as your needs and goals change. Your experienced and capable optometrist has the expertise to track these changes, help you arrive at the best treatment plans possible, and guide you in making choices about treatments and vision protecting strategies as you age.

Vision Problems

Eye Care

No matter your diagnosis, your Total Vision optometrist will conduct exams and recommend treatments to best preserve your sight and maintain your ongoing eye health. Patients with risk factors such as family history of eye disease or a diabetes diagnosis will particularly benefit from the ongoing care and attention of a trusted eye doctor.

Eye Care

Get More From Your Eye Care

What makes a Total Vision expert?

As part of the Total Vision eye care network, your Rancho Bernardo optometrists combine the expertise of many years experience with the power of the latest diagnostic technology to deliver the best possible eye care available. Our team and their commitment sets us apart from the rest.

Protecting your vision and eye health is our chief goal.

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Patient with trendy glasses thanks to optometry Rancho Bernado

Eye Care Excellence

Protect and preserve your vision and eye health.

The regular attention of your eye doctor includes your routine eye exams, treatment of vision problems with glasses, contact lenses, or Lasik surgery, and the identification and treatments of eye diseases and conditions as soon as symptoms appear. Together, we can protect and enhance the ocular health of the whole family and provide you with the very best optometry.

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Total Vision in Rancho Bernardo

We look forward to seeing you at Total Vision in the heart of Rancho Bernardo. Join us in our well-appointed offices to learn more about what our exemplary team can do for you. Take a decisive step toward protecting your eye health by allowing our team to attend to all your comprehensive eye care needs.

Total Vision


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