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If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may already be used to having an annual eye exam to update your prescription. However, regular comprehensive eye exams can be vitally important to everyone’s eye health, even if you are lucky enough to have perfect vision, and especially for children and those over 50. Interested patients can come to Optique Del Mar and experience exemplary eye care for the entire family.

What to Expect From Your Eye Exam

At Optique Del Mar, your eye exam is an annual opportunity to check in with your optometrist about your general and eye health and learn about new treatments which may benefit you. Together, we can do more than ever before to preserve and improve your vision and eye health.

Next, your optometrist will determine whether you need glasses and what your exact prescription should be. Vision tests your optometrist may perform include:

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Visual Acuity Testing

 Visual acuity tests measure the clarity of your sight both up close and far away. This will usually include the familiar letter and number chart most of us associate with an eye exam.

Refraction Assessment 

These tests allow your eye doctor to determine the precise prescription you require to regain crisp, clear vision. You will likely look through a phoropter, a device which allows you to look through lenses of varying strengths.

Visual Field Tests 

Visual field testing measures your peripheral vision. Loss of peripheral vision can be a sign of some eye diseases, so this level is important for your optometrist to track over time.

If you prefer contact lenses to glasses, your optometrist can also perform a contact lens fitting during your eye exam at this time, or schedule your contact lens fitting separately. Your optometrist will also track your eye health by performing a variety of tests, screenings, and examinations to rule out or determine your risk for a variety of eye diseases and conditions. Some of these screenings include:

Glaucoma Tests 

The most commonly performed glaucoma test is the “puff of air” test. Your reaction to a short, small puff of air measures the pressure inside your eye. Higher than normal inner eye pressure can be a warning sign of glaucoma, a serious eye disease that can threaten your sight. 

Retinal Examination 

During this part of the eye exam, your optometrist will use lights and reflective surfaces to non-invasively examine the inner structures of your eyes and check for any signs of damage or potential eye disease. Your eye doctor may also use pupil dilating drops to get a better view of the inner parts of your eye during this part of your eye exam.

Slit Lamp Examination 

This part of the eye exam allows your optometrist to examine your eyes through a microscope to check for any signs of damage.  

Your may perform more or fewer screenings based on your risk factors and family history of eye disease, as well as any symptoms you report.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If your Optique Del Mar eye doctor discovers that something is amiss, they will perform more testing and screening to gather as much information as possible. Early treatment can improve outcomes for many eye conditions and diseases. For this reason, your eye doctor will call upon their years of experience and the most up to date diagnostic technology to quickly make a competent diagnosis. Your family's annual eye exams are one of the best ways to protect eyesight by catching problems as soon as possible and beginning a reliable course of treatment.

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Exemplary Eye Care in Del Mar

As part of the Total Vision eye care network, Optique Del Mar prioritizes innovative technology and treatments right alongside a friendly, welcoming manner. It’s never too early to make your eye health a priority, in fact it can be one of the best ways to preserve your vision into old age. Join us at Optique Del Mar for a comprehensive eye exam and experience the personal, compassionate eye care you and your family deserve.

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