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At Total Vision, we believe that cultivating strong doctor-patient relationships goes a long way toward protecting your vision and eye health. By working together, calling upon our optometrists’ experience, and providing the most cutting-edge diagnostic technology, we can consistently provide the exemplary eye care you and your family deserve.

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Eye Exams

Making a comprehensive eye exam part of your yearly routine does more than just provide you with a precise glasses or contact lens prescription, it can also help you protect your vision and eye health throughout your entire life. With regular eye exams, we can work together to help you enjoy enduring eye health.

Eye Exams


Browse a curated yet expansive selection of high-quality designer eyewear at Total Vision in Carmel Valley. From high fashion frames to performance sports glasses, your optician will help you select a pair of glasses you love. To serve you better, we offer high index, multifocal, progressive addition, Transitions®, polycarbonate, polarized lenses, and more.


Contact Lenses

For a precise and reliable yearly contact lens prescription, a capable contact lens fitting, a selection of the best-selling brands, and easy reordering, look no further than Total Vision in Carmel Valley. Your favorite brands of soft, rigid, toric, specialty, and fashion color lenses await.

Contact Lenses

Lasik Consultation

Just one 15 minute surgery for a lifetime of 20/20 vision? If you are considering Lasik, your next step is a consultation at Total Vision. Your optometrist will evaluate whether Lasik is likely to be effective for you, answer all of your questions, and prepare you for this life-changing surgery.

Lasik Consultation

Vision Problems

Whether you have been wearing glasses or contact lenses your entire life or you are just beginning to have vision problems, get the compassionate, personalized eye care you deserve at Total Vision in Carmel Valley. Our team of optometrists are highly qualified to diagnose and treat all manner of vision problems.

Vision Problems

Eye Care

You do not have to face eye disease alone. The caring and capable team at Total Vision have made it their life’s mission to provide Carmel Valley patients with the personalized and energetic care needed to overcome eye diseases. From diabetic retinopathy to macular degeneration to dry eyes and more, discovering your best treatment is our priority.

Eye Care

Putting Your
Eye Health First

What makes a Total Vision expert?

Choosing the right eye doctor can make an enormous difference in your eye health throughout your life. With the technology and expertise to diagnose, treat, and manage the eye health of your entire family from childhood through adulthood and old age, Total Vision is a foremost choice for all your vision care needs.

Experience the best optometry in Carmel Valley.

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Protect and preserve your vision and eye health.

Total Vision in Carmel Valley is the convenient, trustworthy choice for maintaining your eye health and protecting your sight. For ongoing eye care, prescription updates, Lasik surgery consultation, eye disease prevention, and eye condition treatment, you need look no further than the renowned optometrists at Total Vision.

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Total Vision in Carmel Valley

Serving the San Diego area, the entire Total Vision team makes every visit pleasant and welcoming. We look forward to working with you to achieve your best possible eye health and vision outcomes. Get to know our optometrists and our team, and learn how we can help protect your vision throughout the years.

Total Vision


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