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Total Vision is your local, trustworthy source for your favorite brands of contact lenses. We make reordering lenses with our friendly team quick and easy. Instead of bouncing from one source to another, you can get your lenses at the very same offices that you get your prescription. Convenience, comfort, and the best possible vision are always our goal when it comes to your contact lenses.

Your Contact Lens Fitting

When you first decide to try contact lenses, your eye doctor will run through a series of specialized tests to determine your contact lens prescription. If you are already coming in for an eye exam, be sure to specify if you’d also like a contact lens fitting during your appointment to save time. However, if you prefer, these appointments can be made separately.

In addition to checking your eye health and determining your contact lens prescription, your optometrist will help you decide on the best type of contact lenses based on your specific vision problems and your lifestyle.

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Types of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can correct most refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 

There are many different types of contact lenses to choose from including soft, rigid, toric, multifocal, and even fashion color lenses. At Total Vision in Carmel Valley, we strive to always offer the widest possible variety of contact lens types and brands to choose from. 

Soft contact lenses are appropriate for patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

  • Today, the most popular type of soft contact lenses are silicon hydrogel soft contact lenses, which offer incredible comfort for all day wear.
  • You may choose extended wear soft contact lenses that last up to 30 days with proper care, or disposable contact lenses for 1 day use.

Rigid contact lenses, also called RGP or GP contact lenses, may be used by patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

  • Rigid contact lenses are longer lasting than soft contact lenses and can offer crisper vision for some patients. 
  • Rigid contact lenses require a period of adjustment before they will feel comfortable.

Toric contact lenses are specifically made to treat astigmatism, an unusual shape of the cornea which causes blurred vision.

  • At Total Vision, we offer both soft and rigid toric lenses that patients can order.

Once you’ve arrived at the best possible choice of type and brand of contact lens, your eye doctor will show you how to properly put in and take out your contact lenses. Your Total Vision eye doctor will ensure you have the latest information on proper care and maintenance, to keep your contact lenses working properly and to protect your eye health.

Make Your Contact Lenses Appointment

To update your contact lens prescription and ensure you have the best possible contact lenses for your needs, visit your friendly local optometrist at Total Vision in Carmel Valley. With our focus on your complete eye health, we are in an excellent position to help you attain the clearest vision possible.

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